How to disable 3d payment verification

I was able to successfully add flutterwave to my website but I my clients still can not pay as they keep receiving an error that their card is not 3d enabled
From my understanding 3d payments require you to key in an otp that is sent either to your email or phone number
2d payments do not require an otp however
So my problem is how do I disable flutterwave from only accepting payments from 3d enabled cards so that clients can still pay if their card is not 3d enabled

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Hi @Luqman_Baraka

Thank you for sharing this experience,

Kindly share the following additional information to better assist you;

  • Your Merchant ID (located at the bottom left corner of your dashboard)
  • A screenshot of the error message gotten
  • The Transaction reference (tx_ref) of the transaction that resulted to the error
  • Your Business URL (website)
    PS: Be sure to hide any sensitive information when sharing the payload.

I will remain on standby for your response

Did they enable it plz let me know about it

I face this same problem with my customers. In fact none of my customers has been able to complete their checkout process. Did they resolve this for you ?