I Encountered Pending Redirect when making Card Payment

I am encountering “pending redirect” issues when paying when make card payment with card.

This error happens on live mode and only occurs when using Dollar currency for the transaction.

First i see a page that says i will automatically redirected but then i wait for like forever and nothing happenes

So i manually click for the redirect and after some seconds load,

I saw this

Unfortunately no transaction Id/Refs is generated before this error, it has not even gotten to the authentication stage of the transaction

Here is my Merchant Id 100338195

@Adekunle, here is it above i thought it was network but it has persisted for more than four days now

@Adekunle it is a flutterwave-vue2 integration sdk i used

Hi @eje_sunday

Thank you for sharing the information above,

The issue is being investigated and I’ll provide updates here as we make progress.

@Adekunle please i am waiting, is there any solution

Hi @eje_sunday

Kindly share a valid web URL or business social media page for this Flutterwave account.

Hi @eje_sunday

This is a reminder that the issue is still being investigated.

I will duly provide updates on the thread.

@Adekunle pls do, this has cost me a lot

Hi @eje_sunday

Kindly retry a card transaction with your account and share your experience.

i am having this same issue
please help. it keeps showing pending redirect

Hi @MandF

Thank you for sharing this experience,

Kindly share this issue via the support form to get adequate support on the issue raised above. Be sure to attach a screenshot of the error encountered.